Standards & Values

The sectors across which we operate include Local Authorities, NHS, Central Government and Private Sector, and our service delivery model is flexible to meet the budget/service mix requirements of each customer.

The Digital Revolution

We’ve invested in technology and new services to bring you Optimise, a tool that helps people take control of their health, fitness and wellbeing.

Increasing sedentary workforces, obesity, psychological ill-health and less sleep are all having a negative impact on our health. Optimise is a set of comprehensive wellbeing assessments, with personalised wellbeing content available to access, at any time.

All of us

Underlying all the facts and figures are our people. Together, we live by our values:

  • Deliver on our promises
  • Professionalism and excellence
  • Continually learn, grow & develop
  • Take responsibility
  • One team